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18 June 2014

6:45 PM

Shardhanjali Remembering Ustad Allarakha

Presenter: Mukti Shri

Details of the evening: Mukti Shri will walk through different facets of Kathak including its rich repertoire, expressions, compositions and importance of taal. This will be done through live performance with supporting musicians on the Tabla and Sarangi.

Some of Mukti`s students will also support her in this journey by reciting compositions or performing when she needs to explain the importance of recitation in a Kathak performance.

Supporting Musicians:
Shri Surjeet Singh - Sarangi - Disciple of Pundit Ram Narayan
Dr. Shrinivas Rao - Tabla
Accompanying dancers: Krisha Deepala, Anjali Deepala, Anvi Shri
Fida Hussain - Singing Teppa - Classical Punjabi Folk - Disciple of Ustad Allarakha
Tarseem Singh - Tabla - Disciple of Ustad Allarakha

AllaRakha Foundation in collaboration with The Nehru Centre 

The Nehru Centre
8 South Audley Street
Tel: 0207 491 3567
Tel: 0207 493 2019

03 September 2013

6:30 PM

Geetika Varde - The Golden Era of Hindi film music. Representation or Incorporation of Indian Classical Music. In collaboration with the Nehru Centre

Geetika Varde - disciple of the renowned singer, Smt. Manik Bhide, is a vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana.

Geetika has done extensive research on Indian classical singing and will present her work in a lecture demonstration.

The Golden Era of Hindi film music
Representation or Incorporation of Indian Classical Music.

In collaboration with the Nehru Centre

This module will deal with the various aspects of the songs of that period of the Hindi film industry which was known as the golden era of film music, when great stalwarts like Naushad Ali, Shankar Jaikishan, C.Ramchandra, Madan Mohan to name a few followed by the generation of versatile greats like Laxmikant Pyarelal, R.D. Burman, etc. composed impeccable melodies, some of which were linked to classical raags. This era also enjoyed the privilege of having eminent classical musicians like Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pt.Ram Narayan, Ustad Rais Khan and many more as a part of the rich orchestra of those songs.

To explain the contribution of the above mentioned artistes a number of songs will be played (cued appropriately) to illustrate that respective point. Anecdotes related to the studio recordings of some of these unforgettable masterpieces of songs would give an insight of those golden moments!

Most singers of that generation were trained in the classical system of vocalization and had undergone an arduous journey to establish themselves in the film industry. They had mastered the technique of singing into a microphone, yet they did not sound synthetic. They had cultured their voices specially to suit the requirements of film songs without losing the natural soul of the voice. This becomes a very important point of study, which of course will be corroborated with demonstrations as also listening to many songs, with particular discussions on some. 

The Nehru Centre
8 South Audley Street,
London W1K 1HF
Tel: 020 7491 3567/7493 2019
Fax: 020 7409 3360

15 February 2013

1:00 PM


This March, over four nights, the San Francisco Jazz Festival will feature a special series showcasing tabla master/ percussionist/ composer Zakir Hussain, and we have launched a campaign to film them! Each of the shows will be a special evening celebrating the ground-breaking, genre-bending collaborations of a musician the NY Times has called "a living genius" BUT we need your help to do it! Any of these nights would be a headliner on its own, but together it’s a rare mini-festival of amazing music with artists such as Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Joshua Redman, Eric Harland, Steve Smith, Giovanni Hidalgo, Niladri Kumar and more. We`ve launched a campaign to support this project and created many perks, gifts and special offerings in exchange for your support. From CD`s, posters, t-shirts and DVD`s to backstage passes and dinner with the MAN HIMSELF, there is something for everyone.

The campaign is live at and will run until February 18th (only 15 more days!)

Very few of Zakir`s thousands of concerts have ever been professionally filmed and YouTube is full of pirated videos with poor sound and video quality. Our goal is to capture all four nights in broadcast quality to be shared on DVD. With your support we will surely succeed. This project is close to Zakir`s heart, a man who has touched so many through his 40+ years of music. Don`t miss out on a chance to be part of this historic project. There is no contribution too small and we are grateful for your support.

There are several ways you can help:

1. Go to the campaign page at and CHOOSE YOUR PERK!

2. Take the CAMPAIGN CHALLENGE and convince 2 friends to get their perks today!

3. `Like` the campaign on FB/Twitter and share the campaign link on your Facebook wall, through Twitter, Google +, anything!

4. Send out emails to people you think would be interested and feel would be inclined to contribute to this cause.

5. If you have any ideas on organizations/people/sources you think we should reach out to, please contact us at

6. Wait a couple of days and repeat step 2-4!

For a special message from Zakir Hussain click here: 

San Francisco Jazz Festival

For a special message from Zakir Hussain click here or copy and paste the link below in your browser

24 September 2011

2:00 PM

Kathak workshop by Jayanti Mala

Kathak workshop by Jayanti Mala on the 24th September 2011 - 2 to 4pm

Call for information on 07903428450 or email -
Book your seats on the above numbers
The AllaRakha Foundation is grateful to Nehru Centre for their support for our previous event which helped us to present these artists.
AllaRakha Foundation
our contact details:
Mobile: 07903428450
Tel:  020 8677 1010

The Bhavan Centre 4a Castletown Road West Kensington, London Tel: 020 7381 3086

23 September 2011

7:30 PM

Indian Classical Evening with the finest Indian Artists

Indian Classical Evening with finest Indian Artists on 23rd September At 7.30 pm at the Bhavan Centre

Performances by

Jayanti Mala - Kathak - (daughter of Kathak Diva - Sitara Devi)
Yogesh Samsi - Tabla (Disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)
Fida Hussain - Harmonium (Disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)
Surjeet Singh - Sarangi (Disciple of Pt. Ramnarayanji)
Students of Chandrima Rajkumar - Singing (Bhavan Centre)

The Bhavan Centre 4a Castletown Road West Kensington, London Tel: 020 7381 3086

28 April 2011

7:30 PM

SHERDHANJALI - 11th Annual Event In Memory of Ustad AllaRakha

The AllaRakha Foundation

11th Annual Event In Memory of
Tabla Legend Ustad AllaRakha
Kathak Queen Jayanti Mala (daughter of Kathak Diva Sitara Devi - Banaras/Lucknow Gharana).
Smt: Kumud Diwan (Thumri Dadra Classical singing - Banaras Gharana)
Balachandra (Mirdangam – Bhavan Teacher – South Indian Style)
Yogesh Samsi (Tabla - Punjab Gharana)
Fida Hussain (Harmonium - Punjab Gharana)
Surjeet Singh (Sarangi - Kirana Gharana)

Yusuf Mahmood – (Tabla - Punjab Gharana)
VENUE - Bhavan Centre (West Kensington is the nearest tube station)
The event is FREE for all - please call to book your seats
Tel No: 020 7381 3086 (Bhavan Centre), 020 8677 1010
This event has been supported by the Nehru Centre UK

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 4a Castletown Road West Kensington London W14 9HE United Kingdom

27 April 2011

6:45 PM

Banaras and Luckhnow Gharana Differences by Demonstration

Jayanti Mala and Kumud Diwan

Banaras and Luckhnow Gharana differences by demonstration


Our special thanks to Nehru Centre to be part of the event.

Olivia Harrison for her special support and the Bhavan Centre.

Nehru Centre South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

26 November 2010

4:00 PM

Conversational discussion on North & South Indian Classical music

Dear Friends,

Kindly join us for a conversational discussion on North and South Indian Classical Music at the Nehru Centre. This event has been possible with the kind support of the Nehru Centre. Your Knowledge and sadhna in this will be important to further our understanding in these two styles of music.

Yours Sincerely

Khurshid Aulia


Nehru Centre 8 South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

30 April 2010

7:30 PM


Dear Friends,


With a heavy heart we sadly inform you of the demise of Ammaji (Begum AllaRakha), our mother. She was a beautiful and caring person, full of love and kindness to all who met her or came across her.


The 10th annual event of The AllaRakha Foundation on 30th April 2010 will be our Shardhanjali to both our parents Ustad AllaRakha and Bavi Begum AllaRakha (15/8/1929 to 24/10/2009). Ammaji`s support was always there for the Foundation which is why we feel it is fitting to have this honourable tribute alongside her husband`s.


Ustad Zakir Hussain will be presenting the event `Shraddhanjali` at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, on 30th April 2010, joining him will be Ranjit Barot, the famous multifaceted drummer and composer. The young and the talented

Sabir Khan will accompany them on the Sarangi.
Please click here for more details

I hope you will give your full support to this event and be a part of this tribute with us.


Season`s Greetings to you all.


Yours truly,


Khurshid Aulia (daughter of Ustad & Begum AllaRakha)


Queen Elizabeth Hall
South Bank Centre,
Tickets: 25, 20, and 15 Pounds
Box Office: 0844 847 9910

19 June 2009

7:30 PM

Zakir Hussain at the Barbican

Zakir Hussain is a world-renowned tabla virtuoso whose music transcends genres and styles. He founded the legendary Indo-jazz band Shakti with John McLaughlin and has collaborated extensively with Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead, as well as touring with Charles Lloyd in the group Sangam. Most of all, he is immersed in the traditions of Indian classical music, creating innovative programmes that explore and extend its rich heritage. It`s this aspect of his playing that comes to the fore with this summer`s Barbican concert, where he is joined by:

Niladri Kumar Sitar
Sabir Khan Sarangi
Abbos Kosimov Doyra
Navin Sharma Dholak
and Meitei Pung Cholom Performing Troupe - the Dancing Drummers of Manipur
`He`s the world`s greatest living tabla player, a genius, a maestro.` Nitin Sawhney`
For press enquiries please contact Caroline Evans at Serious / 020 7324 1880

Barbican Centre Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS Box Office: 020 7638 8891

30 April 2009

7:30 PM

9th Anniversary of The AllaRakha Foundation




Dynamic physical expression of Dance meets percussive rhythms

A Unique Dance and Rhythm Event

Two stylistic genres of Kathak dance through a collaborative journey into rhythms with talented Kathak dancers from India and the UK. A unique event which brings this tradition on to a modern stage.

Presenting two different styles of Kathak Dance along with Dynamic percussive Rhythms
  • Uma Dogra - Jaipur Gharana (disciple of Pt. Durgalalji)
  • Gauri Sharma Tripathi - Lucknow Gharana (disciple of Padma Sharma)
  • Taufiq Qureshi - World Percussions (disciple-son of Ustad AllaRakha)
  • Sanju Sahai - Tabla - Banaras Gharana (disciple of Pundit Sharda Sahai)
  • Yogesh Samsi - (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)
  • Surjeet Singh - Sarangi (disciple of Pundit Ram Narayan)
  • Fida Hussain - Harmonium - (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)

Ticket (UK Pounds) - 20, 18, 15   

Contact No: 07903428450

Event Details: The dynamic physical expression of dance meets percussive rhythms. To commemorate the 9th anniversary event of the AllaRakha Foundation in memory of Tabla legend Ustad AllaRakha of the Punjab Gharana.
Two of the most talented Kathak dancers of recent times: Uma Dogra of Jaipur Gharana and Gauri Sharma of Lucknow Gharana will be presenting pure classical Kathak styles of dance, the same art form yet intrinsically different.  Combined with the unique talent of Taufiq Qureshi, son of Ustad AllaRakha who will be presenting his rhythmic skills to create a wonderfully innovative event.  These world renowned artists of India are joining together for this exceptional occasion, which is a celebration to pay homage to the tabla legend Ustad AllaRakha.
Sanju Sahai, one of the best tabla players in the UK, will be accompanying them. He is a disciple of Pundit Sharda Sahai. 
Yogesh Samsi - Senior most disciple and one of the best students of
Ustad AllaRakha.
Fida Hussain on harmonium - Disciple of Ustad AllaRakha
Surjeet Singh on sarangi - Disciple of Ram Narayan
Event Stage Manager - Bhupinder Khambay
Event organiser - Khurshid Aulia (Daughter of Ustad AllaRakha)
A poetic fusion of movement and raw drumming
This is a rare occasion not to be missed
Click Here for more details

QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL, South Bank Centre, London Near Waterloo (Tube/Mainline station)
Ticket (UK Pounds) - 20, 18, 15
Tel No: 0871 663 2500

29 April 2008

6:30 PM

8th Anniversary of the Allarakha Foundation


In Collaboration with Nehru Centre
ON 29th APRIL 2008

The participants are:

Kiranpal Singh Deoora on Santoor, a senior disciple of Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma. He also learnt Tabla from Ripdhamman Singhji of Punjab who is also a disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha. With His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Maharaj`s divine blessings, Kiranpal learnt Santoor in the true Guru Shishya Parampara from Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma and now is one of a few maestros of Santoor in the UK. He has played at Buckingham Palace, South Bank and many prestigious concerts all over the world. He has released several CDs. He will be accompanied by Tarsem Singh on tabla.

Yusuf Mehmood on Tabla, trained under Ustad Hashim Mahmoud, performing weekly at the Sufi ceremonies. At the age of fourteen, he moved to Delhi on a scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations to study music but after a year of vocal study, he decided to train under Ustad Bandu Khan of the Ajrara gharana. In 1994, Ustad Allahrakha happened to hear Yusuf play, it was agreed that he should study with the great master. Yusuf has accompanied several famous artists and has also performed with a variety of `fusion` ensembles. He will be accompanied by Timor Shaidaie on harmonium

Also participating: Dhol Foundation

Tarsem Singh on Tabla ( Student of Ustad AllaRakha )

Admission Free

Event Organiser: Khurshid Aulia (Daughter of Ustad AllaRakha)


The Nehru Centre 8 South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

21 July 2007

6:30 PM

Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia & Zakir Hussain

pay tribute to Ustad AllaRakha

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and have a conversation with these great living legends. A short film of Ustad AllaRakha and clips of his film compositions will also be shown. Entry is free.


Nehru Centre 8th South Audley Street London W1K 1HF Tel: 02074913567 Tel: 02074932019

02 July 2007

7:00 PM

Tribute to the the Table Legend Ustad AllaRakha

Ustad Zakir Hussain in tribute to
his Father and Guru Ustad AllaRakha

With Special Guest of The Evening:

Pundit Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Flute)

With Other Participants:

Sunil Avachat (Flute)
Kishon Khan (Piano)
Patrick Zambonin (Bass)
Oreste Noda Fernandes (Congas)
Surjeet Singh (Sarangi)
Fida Hussain

& Tanpura support

Event organiser of AllaRakha Foundation
Tickets Available £15, £20, £25

Khurshid Aulia

Contact number: 07903428450


South Bank Centre Queen Elizabeth Hall Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX Tel: 08716632500

29 April 2007

6:00 PM

AllaRakha Foundation Presents Annual Event In Memory of Tabla Legend Ustad AllaRakha

ANTONIA MINNECOLA (Kathak dance), based in America, she is a unique dancer and is a disciple of the Kathak Queen – Sitara Devi

GURUDEV SINGH (Sarod), he is a well known UK-based Sarod artist and is a disciple of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

YOGESH SAMSI (Tabla), he is one of the most senior students of Ustad AllaRakha and has accompanied many legends of music such as Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Zakir Hussain, to name but a few.

YUSUF MEHMOOD (Vocal/Harmonium), a well known Tabla player and also a student of Ustad AllaRakha.  He is a multi-faceted artist.

SHEHBAZ KHAN (Tabla), he is a disciple of Ustad AllaRakha and is locally based.

DEEPA NAIR (Vocal), she is a disciple of the renowned singer Begum Parveen Sultana and is herself a good singer.

FAIZAN HUSSAIN (Tabla), he is the grandson of Ustad AllaRakha.  This is his introductory performance, he has learned directly from his uncles: Zakir Hussain, Fazal and Taufiq Qureshi


Free Entry (Please call to book seats)

Khurshid Aulia
Mobile 07903428450


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 4a Castletown Road West Kensington London W14 9HE United Kingdom Tel: 020 7381 3086 Tel: 020 7381 4608

06 June 2006

7:00 PM

Trio (Fusion of East/West)

Fazal Qureshi - Tabla, Pete Locket - Percussion, Amit Chatterjee - Guitar Free Entry  

Nehru Centre 8th South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

29 April 2006

7:00 PM

Santoor Recital with Pt. R. Visweswaran

Yusuf Mehmood - Tabla

Free Entry


Nehru Centre 8th South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

27 April 2006

7:00 PM

Vocal North Indian Style with Geetika Varde

Rajkumar Misra - Tabla, Fida Hussain - Harmonium

Free Entry


Nehru Centre 8th South Audley Street London W1K 1HF

26 April 2006

7:30 PM

The Allarakha Foundation`s proudly presents its 6th annual anniversary event `DARPAN`

Reflecting the timeless tradition and collaboration of two Indian dance form featuring outstanding luminaries from both north and south Indian dance forms, Bharatnatyam and Kathak.

Chitra Visweswaran Diva of Bharatanatyam, participating after a long time at the South Bank Centre along with special guest Pt. Pratap Pawar, Gauri Sharma Tripathi and Abhey Shankar Misra, accompanied by live national and internationally known musicians.
Your support and presence in our events will help the AllaRakha Foundation fullfil its aim - `To provide an opportunity to the young upcoming artist`.
Special 50% Concession available for limited number.

Queen Elizabeth Hall South Bank Centre Box Office No: 08703 800 400